Friday, June 22, 2012

Brady's first week

I can't believe Brady is already more than a week old!  We are doing pretty well adjusting as a family so far.  Avery is absolutely in love with her little brother, but has been a little emotional towards us.  Thankfully, we were able to spend this week at home with Brian.  Avery really enjoyed the one-on-one time as well.  I really thought she would give us a harder time about bedtime and him sleeping in our room, but so far she has been pretty good.  As I write this, Brian is at the movies seeing "Brave" with her.

And little Brady...he is sooo different than his sister was.  He sleeps about 3-4 hrs at a time and is a great little eater!  Yeah!!!  Hopefully he can keep it up (fingers crossed).  I have been keeping him in the living room during the day for all naps, and so far all of the noise doesn't seem to phase him in the least.  Even when his big sister is constantly kissing, touching, and hugging on him, lol.  He is even sleeping great in his little newborn rocker thingy at night as well.  We had to take him to the pedi on Friday, the day after we were discharged because we were able to be discharged early.  He weighed in at 6lbs 3 oz, but I can see he is already beginning to fill out.  His little belly is beginning to get so round.  We also had to go back to the hospital this week to repeat his hearing test, and I guess 3 times a charm, because he passed :).

Going home from the hospital

finally at home

Avery was sooo ready to give him his bath. Even when we got home from the hospital, she told me he smelled like the hospital, and didn't like it. She said she wanted him to smell like a baby :)

First bath at home

 We have really enjoyed having all the visitors over the last week.  It makes staying inside the house so much more tolerable.  ALL of our family has been super helpful as we are adjusting.  THANK YOU so much!

Tim with all of his grandkids

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