Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus

Someone must have been a good girl this year...

Her first look at her presents

Ooooo, lip gloss, my favorite!

whistle while you work

I made monkey bread for my two monkeys

sitting in her new luggage
After a lil nap, we headed down the street, to Meme and Pawpaw's house

Meme and Avery....she LOVED the sugar cookies

Scotty and Bebe

Natalie and Aunt Cathy

Papaw carving the prime rib!

sweet girls

Avery is actually saying "cheese!" (only because Ashlynn was...hehe)

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Ok, well maybe not exactly frightful, but it sure was windy! Windy enough for us to loose power! At 2:15pm, while Avery and I were making cookies, the lights went out. The first hour, I did pretty good, and remained calm, but afer that I really started to panic. At 5:00, my entire family was due to arrive at our house to celebrate Christmas Eve. Thank goodness, all of the cooking was finished, or else I really would have been freaking out! We ended up having to move all of the festivities over to Rachel and Ethan's house. Thankfully, everything turned out PERFECT! Thank you Rachel for pulling off a last minute party. I promise, you are off the hook next year!
me and my sis

Avery riding Rachel's Christmas decoration....she loved that deer

me, Ryan, and Ray

I think they were watching, A Christmas Story

My mom giving Papa his 40 years of service pin with the sheet metal workers

Time for presents:

I think you need a bow Momma...

Aunt Chrissy and her snuggie

Grandma Ruby

She loved her pillowpal,

until someone called it a "ladybug", she is soooo scared of bugs. This is after she dropped it.

group shot

My Meme and Papa

Brian with his ice chest

On our way home, I was certain our lights would be back on, but NO! So, we dropped Avery off at Tillie's, and as we were packing everything at out house, they came back on (at 11pm!) Yeah!!! I was so excited, it was a Christmas miracle!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa can swim?

On Monday, Avery and I met Tamara and Noah at the Downtown Aquarium for breakfast with Santa. She loved it, and I think both kiddos had a blast. There was a yummy breakfast buffet and even a scuba-diving santa. Here she is posing with the shark. She kept telling him "hi" and giving him hugs.

Look at the stingrays Noah!

What a cute couple...

She kept telling me "Bass Momma!"

Santa and one of his elves even took a little swim

Train ride

Picture time with Santa

Avery and Noah with Mr. and Mrs. Claus

I took these the other night, she really loves to look at the tree. She just circles it, pointing out all of the ornaments. She hasn't broken any least at my house!

Avery must think, this Santa fella really gets around, here she is at Nana's work.

Brian took these when they were working in the yard.

Relaxing on the John Deere