Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun with bubbles and the zoo

Look how big my two year old has gotten.

She was having a blast blowing bubbles.

This past friday, we took a trip to the Houston Zoo. We took her last year, but I thought she would really love it this year, since she is a little older. I was right! She got soooo excited as she saw all of the animals. We also picked a really good day to go, there was hardly any people, and it wasn't too hot. The Lion King is one of her favorite movies, so she really loved seeing all the animals from the movie. If you ask her what her name is, she says, "Avery Simba Ash." She also likes to assign everyone to a character. Brian is always Mufasa, Reba is Timone, and at first she said I was Scar??? I asked her why am I Scar, and she simply said, "Momma, Scar is mean." (can you tell who does the disipline in our house?). After I told her that hurts my feelings, she now says I can be Sarabi. Geez, thanks Avery.
Cali the Sea lion

The duck pond in front of the zoo was one of her favorite parts.

until the ducks got a little aggressive.

The geese came running to us

Lets get out of here!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello Kitty Krazyness

Help! Hello Kitty has invaded our house! not really...but i do think it is pretty cute how obsessed my two-year old has become. It's not like Hello Kitty has her own show or anything. She calls her "hello tiddy" :) Anywhere we go, she can spot all kinds of hello kitty merchandise. We were in Kroger the other day, and all of the sudden she shouts " Looook mom, hello tiddy lunch boxes!
For the past few months, every time she walks by build-a-bear in the mall, she begs for the hello kitty, well I finally broke down. We actually had to go there to get a gift card for a birthday present, and I soon realized we would not be walking out without a new addition to the family.

I think Avery is rocking Hello Kitty to sleep here. On the way from the mall, she talked to her the entire time. It was the cutest thing. The conversation kinda went like this, "oh hello kitty, I missed you so much. I love you. I like your yello nose hello kitty, (then she meows)"

Posing in her hello kitty undies

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, I finally started back at UT for the fall semester. As expected, it is quite crazy already. I will be soooo happy when I finish for the semester. Since I did a post of Avery's "gear", I'd thought I'd show you where I do most of my work. Yes, that's right on the guest bed, not at a desk. Ever since highschool, I have always studied in a bed. Brian thinks its a little wierd, but thats ok :) And as you can see my laptop has a brand new keyboard. Little miss Avery got ahold of it a couple of months ago. I almost had a heart attack, until I found out that I did purchase accidental insurance...that was a close one!

On another note, I received my grades for the summer semester: all a's baby!!! Wahoooo! I am so glad I have my first semester behind me. For the fall semester, I am taking Adv Pathophysiology, Adv Parmacology, Statistics, and Diagnostic procedures. I sure hope it flies by, because I am gonna have my work cut out for me.

For Labor Day, we took a trip to the lake of course. Avery had a great time playing with Ashlynn. A lady at the sand bar asked if they were twins. It was nice to spend an entire weekend at the lake, before my semester really gets busy.

I even went for a tube ride.