Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning

Avery was soooo excited to wake up and see that Santa had came.  I think it has just gotten better and better as she has gotten bigger each year. 

And she was just as excited to open Brady's gifts and show him what Santa had brought him.

American Girl doll!

After opening presents, my dad, Rachel, and Peyton came over to enjoy breakfast and more presents :)  It worked out perfectly. 

French Toast casserole
McKenna is already taking a trip to the salon

We then got dressed and headed over to Tim and Tillie's for more Christmas fun.  I guess I was all pictured out, bc I didn't take any more pics, oh well.  Oh, and our power went out again!  Seriously!?!  So we spent the night at Tillie and Tim Christmas night.  Avery thought it was pretty fun, but I wasn't so happy about packing everything up in the dark.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012


I hosted Christmas Eve at our house this year.  The last time I tried to host it, out power went out...but this year it was smooth sailing!  Well, the power still went out Christmas Day, but that's a whole other post, lol.  We feasted on chicken spaghetti...I know, not very traditional, but it was still pretty yummy, and homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot (thank you pinterest!)  It was actually pretty warm here in Texas, so I had to crank up the AC, oh well!

Brady and Uncle Ryan

Getting ready for Santa

Klodzinski Christmas

The weekend before Christmas was so busy, but so fun too, filled with lots of photo ops.  I am still trying to put together all of my Christmas posts, so please bear with me....  Anyways, on Saturday, my mom's side of the family got together in Anderson to celebrate Christmas as a family.  The last Klodzinski Christmas was my Papa's last one, so this one felt pretty special.  I'm so glad we got together in one of his most favorite spots.  There was lots of sitting by the fire, good food, mashmellow roasting, and 4-wheeler fun.

roasting marshmellows

What a good looking bunch!
Thanks Christine for the pics!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jesus is the reason

On Sunday, the 23rd, we attended one of our church's Christmas Eve services.  Despite the unseasonably warm Texas weather, we had a great time celebrating with family and friends.  Rachel, Peyton, & Christine, as well as Kara & Kinsley also came with us.  The service was amazing as usual, and the kiddos loved all of the activities that they provided for the kids.  What a way to kick off our Christmas weekend :)
Avery was so excited to play in real snow!

Cousin love

These pics crack me up, poor Aunt Chrissy was trying so hard to get a good pic with these munchkins...

It was actually in the high 70's-low 80's on Sunday, so that snow was melting quick!
I love my family!

We then headed to Rancheros where these two took a little snooze.  Brady looks rather giant compared to little Kinsley :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Brady

 My sweet boy is 6 months old!  And officially halfway to his 1st Birthday!!!
 This month I finally captured some sweet smiles, and a little bit of drool too :)

 At 6 months:
  • Brady is weighing in around 14 lbs
  • STILL waking up in the middle of the night to eat.
  • has switched over to formula, since I started working again.
  • Is not a fan of cereal, and may actually be allergic to it.  Last week, he broke out in hives twice after having it at school.  We may just stick to fruits and veggies.
  • Is still a little snorter :)
  • Has never met a stranger, Brady smiles at everyone!
  • No teeth yet, but probably soon.

We love you Brady Boy!  You complete our family :)