Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter in Anderson

Last Saturday, we celebrated Easter with my family in Anderson.  The kids hunted eggs, fed the fish, and just had a blast playing with each other.  It was also the perfect time for bluebonnet pics.  Luckily, the rain and cold held out, so we had some pretty good weather.  Enjoy the pics!

 I love this pics!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Most weeks, I feel like I have nothing to post, while others, like this one, I have lots going on!  I just saw my sister's blog and realized I never posted about George!  How could I have forgotten, I mean, the KING of COUNTRY, really! From a very young age, I have always grown up listening to his music.  I love all his stuff, especially the old stuff, that reminds me of my Papa.  And when my friend, Mandy, asked me if I would like to go, I quickly jumped at the chance.

Here are a few pics of me singing some George Strait :)  It was probably "the cowboy rides away" or "fireman"

Limo bus!

Me and my sis

It was an amazing show...I had to get up once during the performance, and I literally ran to the bathroom, lol.  And check out all the people!  It was kind of crazy, but well worth it :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Bunny 2013

Today after work, I picked both kids up from school, changed their clothes, and hopped on over to the mall so we could get a pic with the Easter bunny.  I had wanted to go yesterday, but we didn't get a chance, and Avery was devastated.  I know, she is a little dramatic.  So, I promised I  would take her today.  It actually worked out really well, because there was no line, and the mall was pretty clear.

I'm ready mom!

No tears here!

After bunny cookie :)
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

9 months!

 Seriously, could he get any cuter?!?

Brady boy was 9 months on the 13th, but I am just now getting around to taking/posting the pics.  I just didn't want to take them when he was feeling yucky.  I need to take him soon for his 9 month check up....
Here is a what are sweet boy has been up to:
  • Weighs 17 lbs (4th percentile)
  • Is still wearing 6-9 month clothes, size 3 shoes, size 3 diapers.
  • Finally has started eating baby food, the little stinker.  He still only eats very little, but at least it's something. He definitely prefers the sweet stuff. He loves the little puffs, mum mums, and gerber graduate goodies.
  • Is starting to move around more, but is not quite crawling yet.  Just sort of scoots around, or pushes himself backwards.
  • Can sleep through the night, but it is still hit or miss whether he wakes up in the middle or not.
  • no teeth yet
His hair is cracking me up, it's like it is developing some sort of wave to it.  On one side, he's kinda got a feather look going.  I am kinda debating on whether or not to get it trimmed or not.  I can't believe in 3 months, he's gonna be a year!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My little sickie

The past few weeks have been quite a doozy for my sweet Brady boy.  A few weeks ago, we went to a follow-up apt with our pedi to check his ears for fluid.  And surprise!, he had 2 raging ear infections :(, and I didn't even know it (he usually doesn't run a fever).  At that time, we decided to go ahead and make him an apt with our ENT to be evaluated for PE tube placement.  Brady's hearing was also tested, and he had moderate to severe hearing loss (this should improve after the surgery).  So, last Friday, he had surgery at TOPS.  The procedure went well, and he seemed back to his self by the next morning.His hearing will be tested with the audiologist later this week.

Fast forward a week, and I got a call from his school that he was running a temp of 103!  I am not one to panic, so Brian went and picked him up, and gave him some Motrin.  I thought if he wasn't better in a few days, then I would bring him in to our after-hours pedi over the weekend.  Well, after 2 CBC's, a urine culture, a chest xray, and blood cultures, I think he is FINALLY getting better.  His WBC was high, and so far, the only other abnormal lab was his urine culture, which showed a little bacteria.  So, he has had 3 Rocephin shots, and started an oral antibiotic.  His fever seems to be down, and he is finally starting to drink his bottle.  One a side note, yesterday at the dr, he was 17 lbs extactly.  Only the 4th percentile!  I really need to take his 9 month pics, but he has looked so sickly lately.

Tearing up some paper

At the pedi, Saturday morning

Sweet smiles (before all the testing)

And more smiles Monday morning (again before more needles)

Catching a snooze while waiting for his xray

Sure hope my baby is getting over this...I miss his easy going, playful self!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Go Texan Day

Yesterday and today was Go Texan Days at Avery and Brady's school.  They really hyped it up the past couple of weeks, so Avery was soooo excited.  This girl loves the rodeo, and sporting her western duds to school :).  She pretty much thinks she is a real cowgirl, all she needs is a pony! lol.  So far, we haven't gotten a chance to take her to the Houston Rodeo yet, but hopefully soon.

All of her poses crack me up...I wonder where she gets them from???

And doesn't little man look adorable in his wranglers, pearl-snap shirt, and boots?

Cutest wrangler butt ever

little cowpokes
Avery and Riley

More western wear!