Friday, October 30, 2009

Bring on the pumpkins!

Yeah, the Ash Family finally made it out to the pumpkin patch. Avery wasn't in the best mood, but I think she had fun anyway.

This is one of my favorite pics, even though she isn't looking. I still can't believe my baby has curly hair!

Daddy found a pumpkin...

Avery found an airplane....

Time to carve the pumpkin...

Let's seperate the seeds, for roasting later


Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a ham!

I took these before our pumpkin patch outing on saturday...

This in Avery's hat from last halloween, it's way to small, but she enjoyed wearing it anyhow.
Oh, and she is sporting my flip-flops.

Whatz up?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Happy 4th Anniversary Honey!!!
This past week, Brian and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. I have to say, it ended up being the best one yet. For the last couple of months, we kept saying that we were going to do something really special for our anniversary, like going on a real vacation, maybe to Mexico or something. But as time got closer, it became just the weekend, and then as the week actually came, it was just dinner....What can I happens. But it ended up being one of the best anniversaries I could have ever asked for.
Thursday morning, I work up SUPER early (4:15) to surprise Brian with breakfast before work...yes we both leave VERY early.
This was the first time I made blueberry pancakes, and I think they turned out pretty cute ;)

After he figured out why I was making all the noise, he was very surprised.

He then surprised me with a cross necklace that I had really wanted.
This is us before work.

On Friday night, we headed out to VERY nice dinner in the Woodlands, thanks to a great recommendation from my friend, Dorothy.

What a stud

I think this has to be my new favorite restaurant, It was awesome!

Brian gave it a big thumbs up

Since it was our anniversary, they surprised us with two glasses of champagne, and a piece of tres leche cake (I drank Brian's glass...he he)

Thanks for a great anniversary.
I love you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Relaxing Reba

I walked into my bedroom the other day, to find Reba, curled up on a heating pad in our king size bed....nice...

I actually am glad poor Reba got a little pampering time, Avery is constantly messing with her. Reba does a pretty good job at putting up with her, but occasionally has to show her teeth (actually, I don't blame her...if I had a toddler trying to ride me, I would be a little ticked too). Avery thinks she is the boss of Reba (the only thing she can boss around). Everything is "NO REEBY", or "STAY REEBY". Avery loves her so much though, I think sometimes, she just doesn't know how to be gentle.

My sweet Reba

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scarecrow Festival

Yeah for Fall!!! I am a huge festival fan, and an even bigger fan of the Scarecrow festival in Chappell Hill. The smell of barbeque, kettle corn, funnel cakes, and fresh hay really gets you in the fall spirit. I am also obsessed with fall decorations, so this was right up my alley.
The last time we came, I was pregnant with Avery. I was really impressed at how much bigger it has gotten since the last time we came. It was so fun to bring her with us this time. I had thought the weather might be a little better, but I guess it held out pretty well. Avery did really well people watching, and was pretty content just sitting in her stroller. Next year, I think we will try to get there when it opens, because it was pretty crowded. It can be a little difficult trying to manuver a stroller, yard signs, camera, and toddler.....but we managed!

I think she was doing a little dance in this pic. Check out her glitter shoes, she picked them out this morning and had to wear them..he he...

very serious

of course she wouldn't look at the camera


some of my festival finds :)
(try to overlook my half eaten hibiscus plants in the background...pesky deer...)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Feeling a Lil' Crafty

This past week, I decided to make Avery a bow holder for her collection bows. She has just a few.....he he. I was pretty impressed with myself, I think it turned out pretty cute. Every time I saw one in a boutique, I thought they were so cute, but knew that I could easily make one just as cute! Before, her bows were just stored in a big bin, I think this is much more organized.

Next on Jill's craft corner, table and chair set.....stay tuned!