Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fabulous Fall

I absolutely love the fall!  There are so many neat activities to do, and sometimes the weather is pretty nice too.  I looove all things pumpkin and decorating the house for the season.  The entire month of October, we have been super busy...but that's ok, busy is good these days.  One of the fun activities that Avery has been looking forward to is her school's storybook parade.  This year, she wanted to go as Skippy Jon Jones.  We were first introduced to the simamese cat creature this summer when I took her to the library to check out books.  She loved him.  When I found this costume on amazon, I knew it would be perfect.

She seemed a little disappointed when not everyone knew who she was, but that ok, I think she looked pretty darn cute.
waiting for sister to parade

Jackson as Batman

There goes Skippy!

Last weekend, we also tried out the Dewberry Farm.  We usually go to the pumpkin patch in spring, but this year wanted to do something a little different.  It was a good choice even though the weather was a bit chilly.  The girls seemed to have a blast anyhow.

 These 3 play so good together!

 Avery adores Reagan :)



 This is what my little guy thought of all the picture taking, lol

Later that day, we squeezed in a halloween party too!  These girls were all in dance together.

And on Sunday, we made a trip to the Seven Acre Wood in Conroe for Luke and Walker's bday party!  By this party, I was all photog'd out...oh well.  See y'all on halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

This past Sunday, our family got together to carve pumpkins in Anderson.  The girls were so excited, even though they actually didn't carve anything.  The moms took care of all the hard work, as usual, lol.  It was worth it, though...the pumkins turned out really cute.  The weather was so nice, even though it was pretty warm. Ok, enough talking, here are the pics :)

Sweet P

Ryan, Kaitlyn, & Katherine

Carving is hard work!
And poor Rachel, her pumpkin made a trip down the driveway, and mickey ended up smashed :)  I don't think P noticed though.

and just to comment on my daughter's outfit, she picked it out..and yes, she is wearing pearls

my little pumpkin :)
I should have put this little guy in the pumpkin...
Halloween pjs!

The end result