Friday, July 30, 2010

Friends in Friendswood

Avery had so much fun a couple of weeks ago with her friend Noah.
(the mommies had fun too)

Avery wore these goggles, the ENTIRE time.

Baby Tate even got in this picture! We can't wait until you are here, let the countdown begin!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Potty Time!

Well last week, I finally decided to buckle down and potty-train Avery. I had been really putting it off because I have been sooo busy with school. I even downloaded three day potty training info, and was prepared to clean up lots of pee. Well, last Friday when Avery woke up and her diaper had leaked all over her sheets, I had had enough. I simply asked her if she wanted to wear big girl panties. To my surprise, she said "Yes" and seemed very excited. I wasn't too optimistic, but after breakfast she asked to go pee-pee. I was floored. She continued throughout the day with NO pee-pee accidents in her panties. I guess she was just really ready...good going mom. She is continuing to do well, yesterday she finally did a "#2" on the potty. This morning she woke up with a dry pull-up, so hopefully she will keep doing good. I am one proud Momma!

I took this picture after she woke me up around 10pm to go potty, I was so pumped!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Look who I got to smile!

One day last week, I finally got the little toot to smile for me. It only took 2 1/2 years...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flashback to the 80's!

A couple of weeks ago, Brian and I got the chance to celebrate a friends birthday. I even got Brian to venture south of 1960, to a club downtown. It was a blast! It was called Mainstage, located off of Main steet. I was a little curious, because when I googled it, it was supposed to be an 80's club. A band called the Spazmatics was playing, which apparantly have quite the following. We even had a hotel room, so we didn't have to make the long tract back to Magnolia at 2am :)

The Spazmatics

Ian (it was his 44th Birthday)

Thanks for a fun night Claire and Ian!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

This past 4th of July we celebrated with great friends and family on Lake Conroe. Avery loved it, of course, but didn't quite make it till fireworks. She was passed out by 7:00pm. Oh well, maybe next year. Thanks for having us over Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we had a blast!
Avery jumping in the pool.


Dylan and his fish


She thought they were more of an accessory...


poor Chane got a workout


come-on Daddy, lets go fishin'

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What have I gotten myself into???

What a CRAZY month June was! I am so glad it is over, ha! It marked my first month of school, and boy was it hard. Many times I found myself thinking, why did I want to do this again?!? It was a little difficult getting warmed up, but now it is going pretty well. It is a little difficult juggling family time, working part-time, and school work...and as a result i have no real pics to post this week. I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it one day....I sure hope so. My family has been pretty amazing at helping out where they can, and Brian, in particular, has been super supportive.

Well enough about that, on to the fun stuff. Avery continues to be super talkative these days. It really amazes me what comes out of her mouth. The other day, she knocked on the door to the office and said, "Hey, Momma, you have a second?" really??? She is always making us laugh. The other day, Rachel and I were in the office looking at bedding ideas for Peyton on the internet. We really weren't paying attention to what Avery was looking at, but knew she was in the room with us. I could hear her talking, and Avery kept saying, "Aunt Ray, look at all the piggies, look at all the piggies!" Well, we really kept ignoring her, until Rachel actually looked at what Avery was pointing too. All of the sudden, Rachel lets out a scream. I turned around, and there was Avery looking at my anatomy book, at a page of gross, diseased penises! I couldn't believe it, and quickly put the book away. Really, out of all the pages to look at?

Last Friday, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ethan asked if they could come pick Avery up and have her spend the night. Of course! And as a special treat, Brian took me out to celebrate the "A" I made in my physical exam and Diff Diagnosis class, yay! We had a great dinner at my favorite resturant, PF Changs.

This week, my Aunt Chris passed away. She was an impressive 88 years old, and was my Meme's sister. I know my Meme is really going to miss her, they talked almost everyday. I know she is enjoying her new life in heaven. After the Roseary, a bunch of my cousins went out to eat afterwards. It is a shame we only get to hang out and see each other at something like a funeral. If I wasn't crazy busy with school, I might have to plan a family get-together :).