Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fabulous Fall

Yeah!!! This week, we had our first official day of fall! We had just a little taste of some awesome fall weather, but it quickly vanished, hopefully it will be back soon. Fall is one of my most favorite times of year. I put out all of my fall decor last week...I am a sucker for pumpkins, scarecrows, or anything that looks autumn-like. I love that you can put them out now, and leave them out until it is time to set out your Christmas tree. I also got Avery's Halloween costume this week, after much debate, I think I have settled on a kitty-kat. Avery seems to like it. I got it at gymboree, Brian thinks it looks more like a ballerina, than an actual cat, but I said that's ok, she likes that too! Her meow is the cutest kind of sounds like an injured cat, but you get the point.
Anyways, we had a very busy, but fun weekend. On Saturday, we celebrated two birthdays, Colter's 2nd birthday, and Hayden's 1st birthday. Here are some pics of Colter's party. It was held at the Seven Acre Wood in Conroe. What a fun place for kiddos to run and play!

The birthday boy, Colter and Brooke

Avery's turn

She did NOT want to get off of Scout the pony

Checkin out the donkey

Trying to pet the donkey

And of course a lil golf cart action

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Me and Mommy

What's a blog posting without a pic of Avery in a pair of my shoes??? What can I say, the chick LOVES shoes! (excuse the full mouth, she was eating a donut hole)

This past weekend, it was just Avery and me. Brian headed out on Thursday to the river for a dove hunt with his buddies. We kept pretty busy hitting the gym a couple of times, dinner with Nana and Aunt Ray, and two birthday parties on's no wonder why her favorite song is Happy Birthday!

On Saturday, we had lunch at my Aunt Donna and Uncle Daniel's house to celebrate my Meme's 85th Birthday. My uncle fried fish and even made homemade ice cream for dessert. I took off Avery's dress so she wouldn't get ice cream everywhere, that is why she is half naked in this pic. She didn't really seem to mind.....

Avery with Uncle Daniel....he is showing her the barking dogs next door.

We then went to Cody and Rachael's house to celebrate Rachael's Bday, here are the kiddos eating cupcakes.....

Danica and Kyler

Yes....Avery didn't want to pick up the cupcake. She didn't want the icing to get on her fingers....good thing she didn't mind it on her face!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Avery's first day of Mother's Day Out at our church. I can't believe my baby has gotten so big! I was both nervous and excited for her. But she did so great, I was so proud of her! When I dropped her off, she didn't cry, and seemed very happy to begin coloring with her new friends. I did get a lil emotional as I was walking back to my car. She started the MDO program at Stonebridge Church. We have been going there since about Easter, and really love it, and I think Avery likes it too. While Avery was at her new school, I was able to get in some much needed "me" time. After a trip to the nail salon, and the mall I am a new woman! When I picked her up, she was all smiles. I'm so glad she had such a great day...I know I did!

Check out her new backpack

I took these pics the other day....she is such a lil girl

Posing with Mommy's heels

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary! Wow, Congratulations! It is also my Aunt Donna and Uncle Daniel's 25th and Rachel and Ethan's 2nd Wedding Anniversary! I guess you can say September 8th is very special in my family.
Thank you for showing your children how to be great parents, husbands and wives.
We love you so much!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Fun

For Labor Day Weekend, we packed up and headed to Lake Livingston for the long weekend. We weren't really sure if the weather would hold out, but it turned out perfect! It is amazing how much Avery has grown since the last time we went. She is fearless and Miss Independent. She loved riding on the boats, and LOVED all the gold cart time she got in.

Avery found Paw-paw's chair

Playing with Ashlynn

Sweet Ashlynn
The girls

I wonder what these two are up to?

Avery chowing down on a rib

Still working on the rib