Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Avery's first day of Mother's Day Out at our church. I can't believe my baby has gotten so big! I was both nervous and excited for her. But she did so great, I was so proud of her! When I dropped her off, she didn't cry, and seemed very happy to begin coloring with her new friends. I did get a lil emotional as I was walking back to my car. She started the MDO program at Stonebridge Church. We have been going there since about Easter, and really love it, and I think Avery likes it too. While Avery was at her new school, I was able to get in some much needed "me" time. After a trip to the nail salon, and the mall I am a new woman! When I picked her up, she was all smiles. I'm so glad she had such a great day...I know I did!

Check out her new backpack

I took these pics the other day....she is such a lil girl

Posing with Mommy's heels

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