Monday, July 30, 2012

My Grandma Ruby

Last Tuesday, my Grandma Ruby passed away after from CHF.  She was an amazing fighter all the way until the end.  I had the chance to hold her hand as she made her way to heaven, an experience that will stay with me forever.

Her online obituary is posted here.:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little performers

Last weekend, we celebrated what would have been my Papa's 90th bday as a family.  We all went to mass with Meme, and let me tell you that was interesting with a newborn, Avery and Peyton.  Reagan was well-behaved as always.  But, we managed just fine.  We then had a barbeque dinner at Meme's house.  I know Papa was having one heck of a celebration in heaven, he always loved birthdays.

And one of my best memories as child at their house was always playing in the music room.  I LOVED to sit in there with Papa and sing, listen to records, or just listen to Papa play his guitar.  And I especially love it that Avery wanted to play in here too.  We even managed to find a few microphones for the girls to play with.  These are the same ones that I played with too.

 I wonder where she gets this from?

More than likely, I am singing a George Strait song.  "I'm a fireman" was my favorite at this age.  As you can tell, I am very into it.

And I took the following video, while Avery and Reagan were "performing".  Man, this girl is bossy! lol, she actually does very little singing, but rather is kinda yelling at everyone.  But, it really shows her personality. Reagan is such a good sport... And poor Peyton just wants to sing too. If you look closely, the wooden chair that Reagan is standing on is the same one that I am standing on when I was little.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Rub a dub dub

Check out little Brady in the tub!

I absolutely LOVE how round his little belly is getting, and how much he is filling out.

On another note, he started smiling at me this week!  There is nothing like a baby's sweet toothless grin :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Grandpa Ken

Last weekend, we had a special visitor, my grandfather, Ken Habegger.  It turned out to be a fantastic visit, as Avery, Peyton, and Brady got to meet their Great-Grandpa.  We had a great time eating fajitas, catching up, and just enjoying each other's company. 

The girls LOVED their new we just need to book a flight!

This visit was such a blessing, it had been way too long since we got to spend time with each other.  And I know that there will be a lot more visits in the near future :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

1 Month!

Look who is one month old today!  My little man!

Brady is finally fitting into him 0-3 months clothes, which is good, because he has so many, and this boy can go through some clothes.  This is so different from Avery...she was very clean I guess, lol.  He is still a great eater and sleeper.  He usually goes down for the night around 10pm, then wakes up to eat at 2am, and then is back down until about 6am.  I don't think that's too bad at all!  He also just moved up to size 1 diapers.  He does have case of baby acne, which I absolutely hate!  But I know that is completely normal.  It usually occurs as a result of my hormones, and he is a boy, and I am nursing.  Hopefully it will clear up soon.

Reba wanted a pic too

Oh, and Happy Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Wednesday

So this blog post is a bit random, a bunch of random phone pics that I have taken throughout our summer days. Avery has been loving staying home for the summer, although today she did say she missed her school.  I am soaking up this stay-at-home time before I have to begin looking for a job.  On another note, I did schedule my NP board exam...looks like my days are about to get a bit busier, as I try to fit in some study time.  Anyways, on to the pics,

My little helper

This girl has turned into the snail hunter!  She loves searching the yard for them.

Avery spent the night with Aunt Chrissy and Reagan, and they took her to a hibachi restaurant.  I was so jealous!

I'm not sure why she is sporting a scarf???

This was at Kaitlyn's 3rd bday party.  Avery and Kaitlyn played so well together!  I think they look so similar :)


Chillin' with Aunt Chrissy

My boys

After the cowgirl bday party, the girls got to go for mani/pedi's.

And here is my sweet boy with build-a-bear leopard ears on.  I found him like this after I got out of the shower.  I wonder who could of put these on him???

Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 weeks and the fourth!

Yesterday, Brady was 3 weeks old!  This time has flown by already.  He really is the sweetest baby.  Of course he has his moments, but he seems so much calmer than his sister.  And boy is he growing!  I took him for his 2 week check-up, and I was so proud at how much weight he had gained since we left the hospital (6# 3oz)

Here are his stats:

Height:  21" (62%)
Weight:  7lb 9.7oz (19%)
Head circumference (21%)

As you can tell from his weight gain, he is still a great eater, lol.  He has been sleeping about every 3-4 hours at night in his newborn rocker, and is beginning to take the pacifier more.  I love how round his little belly is now.

This picture cracks me up, can you see all of Avery's animals placed around him?

This was his first pumped bottle.  Avery was so excited!

This year, we just celebrated the fourth at the house.  We usually spend it at the lake, but decided to stay at the house, hang out by the pool, and pop fireworks.  Our neighbors dropped by, and Avery was in heaven.  She loves these sweet girls.

My firecrackers on the fourth

I didn't get very many firework shots...Brady wanted to eat right as they were going off, plus they were pretty loud.  Oh well, do you see little momma with the monitor?  Haha, she was watching out for him :)

Hope everyone had a great fourth of July!
Happy Birthday America!