Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Girl

I took this video while I was getting Avery ready for swim lessons. She is such a ham. I was just going to try on her pink jellies to see if they fit, but she liked them so much, I decided to let her wear them. They are a little big, but oh well. I thought she looked so stinking cute.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Back in Business

My computer is finally working, Yeah!

On Sunday, Brian put together Avery's playhouse that we got for her....I think she loves it already...

Daddy putting it together.

Hurry Daddy....I have some cooking to do!

Ok, seriously...enough with the tongue Avery.

Last weekend, we went to Danica's 2nd Birthday party at incredible pizza. She has so much fun this time, now that she is a little older. She was running all over the place and climbing all over everything. I let Brian be on chasing duty, and he was exhausted too.

Future cowgirl

Avery's friend Jackson

The curls crack me up, but I love them.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Computer problems

So I never really realized how much I used the internet until I didn't have it anymore. For the past week, my computer has been running at a snail's pace. I actually dropped it off to get checked on my way to work today. Hopefully, it will be in working order soon.

This past week we decided to go ahead and switch Avery from bottles to sippy cups. She has done pretty well with it so far....We did have a couple of blow-ups, but now she is fine with it. It was a little emotional, my little baby is a big girl now. I fretted over the decision for awhile...was she ready...was I being a mean mom? But I toughed it out, and I think she is doing great. Brian took her to Target during the week, and let her pick out a stuffed animal, since she didn't have the bottle anymore. She decided on a little dog, that Brian named Bella. Ever since then, she has been sleeping with it every night and wants us to give it kisses too. She is so sweet. Brian was so excited that she liked it so much. I have a bunch of new pictures that I need to post, so hopefully I will be back in business soon.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

What a wonderful Easter weekend for the Ash family! Brian had off on Friday and Monday, so we spent the weekend together, for the most part. Avery had a blast opening her Easter basket and hunting for eggs. It was so neat to see her walking around with her basket. Oh how much has changed in one year!
We went ahead and gave Avery her Easter basket on Saturday evening after her afternoon nap. She loved it! A lady that I worked with at Tops made it for her, it was so cute.

Eating her first piece of Easter candy...
On Sunday morning, we went to a new church that we had really been wanting to try, StoneBridge off of 1488. I had been a little anxious, since the last time we took her to Fellowship, she SCREAMED the entire time in her class. But, she just walked in with the other kids, and didn't even look back....we were so proud of her. After the service, the teacher said she did fine, just got a little upset when the other moms started picking up the kids.

After naptime, we headed over to Bebe's to celebrate Easter with the family. Avery had a blast hanging out with her cousins, Ashlynn and Shelbey.

Taking pics in the backyard...

My Easter cupcakes that I took over to Bebe's.

Can you tell what Shelbey's been eating?

And Ashlynn...?

Avery and Ashlynn

Let the hunting begin!

Checkin out all the loot...

Wow, look at all of Shelbey's eggs!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Boys!

Ok, so I know I have been a little behind with posting this week. I had planned to post Avery's picture with the Easter bunny, but I still can't figure out how to work the scanner. Maybe I will go to my mom's so I can scan it soon. But anyways, this weekend we were so busy! We went to TWO birthday parties, and Avery had a LARGE time at both! The weather was so perfect, yeah for spring!

On Saturday, we headed down to Friendswood, to celebrate Noah's 2nd Birthday. Avery had a blast playing on Noah's new swing set. She LOVED the slide. The entire time, she wanted to climb all the way up, and then slide down on her belly. She must have done it at least 50 times. I was exhausted.

Going up the slide....

Noah had a blast at his Pirate party, he looked so cute sitting next to his Pirate cake.

Blowing out his candles.

I was sooo excited to give him his Bday present, a vaccum cleaner! I was so happy that he LOVED it!

Avery had a blast going up and down Tamara and Chad's stairs.

When the bigger kids got out, I put Avery in the bounce house, she was a little unsure of what to do....but seemed to like it anyway.

By the time it was time to drive back, she was ready to pass out we didn't even make it to 45, before she was out.
On Sunday, we headed up to Lake Conroe to celebrate Ryan's 8th Birthday. Avery jumped in the bouncer...again, and even took a swim in the pool. Brian was so excited to show Avery how to fish, but we didn't catch anything....better luck next time.

Avery's first bite of cookie cake.

She loved Tanner Man's playhouse....

I need one of these Daddy...please....

The bigger kids had a blast on the paddle boat.

and the pinata...

Posing with Ryan and Reagan

What a funfilled weekend we had. Avery loved every minute of it. We have a great group of friends, and are so happy to celebrate with them. Happy Birthday Noah and Ryan!