Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

What a wonderful Easter weekend for the Ash family! Brian had off on Friday and Monday, so we spent the weekend together, for the most part. Avery had a blast opening her Easter basket and hunting for eggs. It was so neat to see her walking around with her basket. Oh how much has changed in one year!
We went ahead and gave Avery her Easter basket on Saturday evening after her afternoon nap. She loved it! A lady that I worked with at Tops made it for her, it was so cute.

Eating her first piece of Easter candy...
On Sunday morning, we went to a new church that we had really been wanting to try, StoneBridge off of 1488. I had been a little anxious, since the last time we took her to Fellowship, she SCREAMED the entire time in her class. But, she just walked in with the other kids, and didn't even look back....we were so proud of her. After the service, the teacher said she did fine, just got a little upset when the other moms started picking up the kids.

After naptime, we headed over to Bebe's to celebrate Easter with the family. Avery had a blast hanging out with her cousins, Ashlynn and Shelbey.

Taking pics in the backyard...

My Easter cupcakes that I took over to Bebe's.

Can you tell what Shelbey's been eating?

And Ashlynn...?

Avery and Ashlynn

Let the hunting begin!

Checkin out all the loot...

Wow, look at all of Shelbey's eggs!


  1. I love her dress (Presley wore the same one)...It's cuter when they can walk around and show it off!!!

  2. I LOVE her dress! Where did you get it?!?!

  3. Thanks!! I got it at the Gymboree outlet.