Saturday, April 25, 2009

Computer problems

So I never really realized how much I used the internet until I didn't have it anymore. For the past week, my computer has been running at a snail's pace. I actually dropped it off to get checked on my way to work today. Hopefully, it will be in working order soon.

This past week we decided to go ahead and switch Avery from bottles to sippy cups. She has done pretty well with it so far....We did have a couple of blow-ups, but now she is fine with it. It was a little emotional, my little baby is a big girl now. I fretted over the decision for awhile...was she ready...was I being a mean mom? But I toughed it out, and I think she is doing great. Brian took her to Target during the week, and let her pick out a stuffed animal, since she didn't have the bottle anymore. She decided on a little dog, that Brian named Bella. Ever since then, she has been sleeping with it every night and wants us to give it kisses too. She is so sweet. Brian was so excited that she liked it so much. I have a bunch of new pictures that I need to post, so hopefully I will be back in business soon.....

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