Sunday, December 25, 2011

I have a surprise for you honey...

While I am working on lost blog entries, I found a few pictures the day I found out I was preggo, and wanted to include those as well. I took a picture of the test on my calendar, so I could remember the day. I am so glad I did, because, I think I already forgot, ha! I took a test, on Monday, October 25th....I know that feels like forever ago. And actually the weekend before, I had a dream that I was pregnant. I really didn't think I was actually pregnant, but decided to take a test because that Friday was my BFF, Kara's, 30th bday party, and I knew I would be drinking. I actually left it in the bathroom for awhile without checking it, because I really didn't think it would actually be positive, lol.

I was absolutely shocked when it was positive! I quickly pulled out my EDC wheel, to determine my due date...It's nice to work in the same field :). June 16th is my due date. I called my OB's office (which is actually where I am doing my clinical about convenience!) and scheduled am OB confirmation visit for November 11th. I then headed to Target to find something babyish to tell my surprise to Brian.

I found a cute little box, with this baby bib for the big reveal. I should have taken a picture of his face when he opened it! I looove surprises! We decided to wait and tell our family on Thanksgiving, since my initial pregnancy appointment wasn't until November 11th, and Thanksgiving was just 2 weeks from then. It was so difficult to keep the secret! Especially since I was nauseous and getting sick pretty frequently just like I had with Avery. We decided to wait and tell Avery then as well.

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