Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I know I am a bit behind this posting, but life has been crazy busy :)  And I wanted to make sure I wished my husband a Happy Father's Day.  I always knew that Brian would make a great dad, but I didn't realize how much MORE I would love him as I see him father our two children.  My two cannot wait for him to come home from work, tuck them in bed at night, take them out on the boat, or go out to the deer lease together.  Well, mostly Avery for the last couple of things.  I know Brady will learn soon enough :)  Brian is truly a hands-on dad, and has become my teammate when parenting.  I love it when he is emotional or even overprotective about them, or even when I realize that Avery has him completely wrapped around her finger!  Ok, enough with the sappiness, just wanted to make sure he knew how much we love and appreciate him.  Happy Father's Day!

Brian filling in for me at Mother's Day tea

And I have to wish the 2 father's who have both shown us what great dads look like, Happy Father's Day to our dads, Tim and Duane

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