Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting ready!

I CANNOT believe that we are 1 week away from the first day of school.  The last 5 years seem to have flown by.  I know Avery is ready for kindergarten, but it still makes me so sad.  Although, I am ready to see what our new routine will entail.  She asked me this morning if she was going to her new school today, just like that.  She doesn't seem too nervous, which is good...maybe it's just me?!?  We wrapped up the school clothes shopping on Friday, so miss priss should be all set.  I just have to pick up her backpack and lunchkit from the monogramming place.  Yesterday, I registered her for a new tumbling class, which she will start this week, and she is signed up for volleyball as well, which will start in Sept.  She has been very persistent about doing both, so I guess we will see how it all works out first. Anyways, here are a few random phone pics from this weekend.

Who knew an empty laundry basket would be so fun?

Little miss got another shipment of bows for school.  I LOOOVE them.

All signed up for tumbling :)

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