Friday, August 3, 2012

These days...

These days we are mostly just hanging out around the house, trying to soak up the last month of summertime with both of my kiddos.  However, I think Avery is ready to go back to school already.  In the evenings, I have been busy getting ready for boards, wish me luck!  Hopefully, my next post will be very exciting!  Anyways, here are some random phone pics from our week.

This girl LOVES the dentist :)

And its a good thing she likes to give her little brother lots of space...

We went to pottery painting place in the Woodlands, the shop was really cute.  Here is a peak of our artwork.

And here is Avery on our way to the mall, yes, those are ballet leg warmers on her arms.  I am choosing my battles carefully these days.

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  1. Good luck girlie! I know you can't wait for the NCC to be behind you!!!