Monday, March 9, 2009

A Trip to the Livestock Show...Yeehaw!

Sunday morning we woke up super early to head out to the Livestock show with the Galiks. I was really excited to take Avery, I can remember going as a kid. She woke up that morning in a great mood, so I was pumped. We first headed to the carnival, so the kids could ride a couple of rides. Avery took her first ride on the carousel. I think she liked it much better than Mommy. I got a little nauseous, but she had a blast!

Daddy and Avery in the morning before she got dressed....yes she has Christmas pj's on...

This was before the carousel started...

Wow Mom, this is pretty fun!

Steph and Tanner Man rode too.

Tanner and Steph riding the pink elephant

Larry and Tanner Man in the go cart.

We then headed on over to the petting zoo. Both kiddos loved all of the animals, despite a deer trying to eat Tanner's shirt and a goat trying to push me over.

Avery checking out the deer.

I love kicking these pine chips daddy....

Not so sure about this goat...

But, I think I like this little guy.

Both kids did great the entire trip, when we got in the car they both passed out. Too bad the parents couldn't pass out too!

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