Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aunt Chrissy to the rescue!

A few weeks ago, it was Spring Break for most of the nearby schools. Unfortunately, I still had to work on acquiring all my clinical hours before graduation, so I was still in clinic seeing patients. It was interesting, since this was the first year that Avery actually knew it was Spring Break. She kept asking me, "But Momma, where are we going for Spring Break?", this was followed by, "my friend Rhett is going on a cruise." Well, sorry to break it to you, but there is no cruise in sight for the Ash family, haha. However, she was very excited when Aunt Chrissy invited her to spend the night, and go to the beach with the girls. Let me stress again, she was SOOO EXCITED. We only went to the beach once, last summer, and was so ready to go back.

She absolutely adores these older girls! Thankfully, they liked looking after her :)

Thanks for taking my baby Aunt Chrissy, and taking lots of great pics!

I did get to take off the friday of spring break so we could spend the day together. Where did my little diva want to go??? the nail place of course! I took this pic while we were waiting on our nails to dry.

Hope everyone had a great Spring Break!

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