Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

I know I am a week behind with this post, but oh well, better late than never....Avery loves her school that she goes to, and loved participating in their yearly storybook parade. It is also nice that so many of my friends' children go their too. It's pretty neat to see them playing together when I go pick her up, and the adults are not around. I hope they remain great friends. :)

Here is Tanner-man as spiderman

Jackson as Jake the pirate

Avery as Barbie fairy secret

The kids then got to walk across the stage and tell everyone who they were.

Tanner-man even showed off some spiderman moves!

On actual halloween, we always get together with family and friends and have a hay-ride around the neighborhood. Tim drives the tractor with a fully decorated trailer of hay. The kids love it.

Shelbey as Avatar girl and Avery as a UT cheerleader

Sweet Peyton and Avery

Peyton the poodle

Ashlynn as Belle

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!

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