Monday, October 24, 2011

More Pumpkin fun

So, I'm not quite sure why all of my pictures are loading out of order, but oh well, I guess you can figure them out anyways. On Sunday, Brian took to to the shooting range to do a little target practice. Yes after 6 years of marriage, plus 2 years of dating/engagement, he finally got me out there. It was pretty fun, I couldn't believe how packed the place was too!

The shot closest to the bulls eye was mine :), the two lower holes were Brian's shots... Not so bad for my first shot.

Here I was practicing with the .22

And of course, Avery had to bring all of her gear to Meme's, even though she didn't go to the range with us....maybe next time.

On Friday, our neighbors invited us over for a fun evening of pumpkin carving. All of the kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes too, so Avery was really excited. Out of all of the kiddos, she is by far the youngest, so she thinks she is really big after hanging out with all of them.

Of course Mom did all of the hard carving work ;)

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