Friday, April 8, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets 2011

You know spring has officially arrived in Texas when the blubonnets are in bloom. Well, so far I have tried every year to get some good pics of Avery in the bluebonnets, and this is the first year it did not end in total failure. If you know her well, she is usually sooo hard to take pics of. All the way there she told me, "Mom, I'm not gonna take any pictures today."....little turd. However, she knew Peyton was coming, so I just told her that was fine, I would just take pictures of Peyton. She changed her tune quick!, ha!

I think this one is cute...poor Peyton...

I'm not really sure what she is doing here, but I think she was trying to get our attention while we were taking Peyton's picture :)

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