Monday, April 11, 2011

Check-up and a Bunny trip

This past Friday, I finally took Avery in for her 3 year visit with the Pediatrician. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot she said, "Hey, no Mom, I'm not sick!" Once I reassured her, she was fine. They really just did an overall assessment and did a small vision check. No shots, which was nice. Here are her 3 yr old stats:

  • Height: 3'3" (85th percentile)

  • Weight: 30lbs 9oz (44th percentile)

She has been sooo talkative the last few months, to the point where Brian asked, "Do you think something is wrong with her?" when he found her in full conversation with her dolls. Lately she is really into pretending she is a cat, I caught her last night lapping up the bath water like a kitten...nice. She is also very into babies. Her teacher at school came up to me and said, "oh, congratulations, Avery told the class your secret. I thought to myself, oh dear, what has she shared!" Then her teacher told me that she told the class that her mommy had a baby girl in her belly. Wow, I don't think she knows what she is asking for!

Now, On the the Bunny trip....

Avery was super excited this year to see the Easter Bunny.

And what's a trip to the mall without a ride on Bambi the deer?

Have a great week!

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