Wednesday, September 7, 2011


For the past couple of days, our area has been hit with some major and quite devastating wildfires. Due to this horrible heat and drought, wildfires have been spreading throughout Waller, Montgomery, and Grimes counties. However, our family has been incredibly blessed to be on the east of all the fires. I know we have all heard horrible stories of flooding, hurricanes, and fire that have claimed people's homes, but it is different when it is occuring just so close to home. It is quite a surreal view to see so much smoke in the distance on 1488. Brian is pretty sure that his deer lease has experienced some damage, but I am so thankful we have not to had evacuate our home.

Here is a video one of my friends posted in FB.

God bless all of the firefighters who have been battling this thing nonstop. I have never been so proud of my cousin, Ryan :). And my prayers go out to all those who have already lost their homes, or are still in danger of loosing theirs.

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  1. It is VERY scary! We are dealing with them in San Antonio as well. I could see smoke from my driveway yesterday. We need a hurricane!!