Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Bruiser

Now that Avery is RUNNING all over the place, she is beginning to get all kinds of bruises on her chubby legs. I think each day I discover a new one. She is sooo rough! She will trip on one of the porch stairs, or just simply trip on her own feet in the living room. Brian suggested that she wear a helmet, because he is worried about her having permanent damage. Last week, she tried to tackle her new Ariel pillow that her Meme got her, and surprise...a new bruise on her eyebrow. Her newest one occured tonight before bedtime. She loves to brush everyone's hair, and I had gotten onto her when she chunked the hairbrush at me. Well, she decided to hold her breath in protest....until she went limp and fell on the time floor. Is this really normal??? She has done this holding her breath thing since she was tiny, it frightens most people. But how do I get her to stop? Her lips will turn blue until you can get her to take a breath again. I have a feeling this is just the beginning...

Here are some pics from Jackson's monkey-themed 1st Birthday party. She had a blast!


  1. Yup, it's normal!! Just means you have a hard-headed, stubborn girl who knows what she wants on your hands!! That's her way of communicating to you that's she angry. Not much you can do to stop it. It won't last forever.

  2. Ooh, the bruising will only get worse!! I can't tell you how many times Audrey has fallen and bruised her legs, head, body on whatever. I find that she goes through falling stages. I often wonder if she's just growing and getting used to her feet. There are times when she falls constantly!! Other times not so much. But Avery is just beginning the walking journey - she'll bruise herself up! Does she walk around with shoes on all the time? If so, take them off and let her be in her own feet occasionally.

  3. Thanks Laura!!! I am gonna have my hands full!