Thursday, June 2, 2011

End of school celebration!

For Avery that is, not me....

A couple of weeks ago, Avery's school had a program benefiting their scholarship program, the kids sang songs and then each class auctioned off a piece of artwork made by the class. It was too cute. And Avery actually performed this time, if you remember from the Christmas program, she just had a blank stare the entire time...but not this time! She actually smiled and sang :)

This is the wooden horse Avery's class creative

and her artwork.

This morning, is the last day of the school year, and her last day with her teacher, Mrs. Haley. She really loves her teacher and I know she is going to miss her so much (we both will actually). This has been a busy, busy year, filled with lots of school for both of us, but I feel so lucky to have found such a great, Christian school for Avery.

Avery on the first day

The last day of gosh she has grown!

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