Saturday, January 29, 2011

We're baaaack

Well, I think we have finally made it through all the sickness! This time, it hit me pretty hard. I was sick for three weeks, and last week my ear drum ruptured....i know, it usually only happens to kids. After 2 rounds of antibiotics, I am finally beginning to feel like myself again. Avery had been coughing too, so I took her to the pedi last Monday, and she had bronchitis and two ear infections!...poor baby, she really didn't even act like she was sick. Brian, of course, is untouched.
So, this weekend, I hope to get caught up on some school and house work.....blah.
Oh, I forgot to blog about this, but 2 weeks ago, I opened up my mail to find a letter from UT. It looked pretty official, so at first I though oh, no, did I forget to pay something, but I soon opened it to find out that I had received a scholarship!!! Wahoooo! What an awesome, and unexpected blessing. It was from the William Randoulph Hearst Foundation for $2,000.00. Maybe all my craziness about grades was worth it! I should have taken a picture of the letter, but it was during all the sickness :( It will cover the rest of this semester's tuition and most of next semesters'.

I took these pictures last week. I just looove sleeping pictures. I wish I could sleep that good :)

Hope you and your family have survived flu season too!

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