Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend at the lake

Happy Father's Day Brian!

This picture was taken right after Avery was born. I think it is so sweet. It was the first time father and daughter met. She has had him wrapped around her finger ever since. Brian, you are an awesome father, and thank you for giving me my sweet baby Avery. Happy Father's Day!

This was taken the day we got home from the hospital. Poor Reba looks a little sad though...she was still adjusting....and I think she is still adjusting to Avery 16 months later, Ha!
For the weekend, we decided to spend it at the lake with Meme, Papa, Bebe, and Shelbey. Brian took a vacation day on friday, so we could head out early. The weather was perfect, and we had a nice, relaxing weekend.

Avery and Daddy before heading out to the sandbar.

Brian teaching Shelbey how to drive the boat.

Of course, Avery had to get in on this action.
Overall, Avery did pretty well, but she did have a MAJOR tantrum on Saturday on the pontoon boat. Could she already be hitting the terrible two's???? I tried to cut her some slack, because I knew she was super tired from being on the boat and in the water two days in a row, but was so awful. She is so stubborn, and knows exactly what she wants.

I came out of the trailer to find Avery playing in the dirt...yuck. I was trying to pack up to go home, so I just let her do it....she was having so much fun. That is a spoon she is using as a shovel. I think since she played in the sand at the lake so much, she thought it was ok to play in the dirt too.

More dirt action

Shelbey and Avery playing in the dirt.

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